​& Staff
All of our trainers are fully certified.
They bring a wide range of specializations to our Fitness Center.  They share the highest standards of professionalism, courtesy and respect.
They get results!
  1. Brett Cateno, Lead Trainer
    Brett Cateno, Lead Trainer
    Cerifications: AFAA; NPC Competitive Bodybuilder Specializes in body transformations for women and men, weight-loss management, sports specific training (15 years), and bodybuilding & contest prep coaching.
  2. Wendy Baldauf
    Wendy Baldauf
  3. Dina Calabrese
    Dina Calabrese
    General Manager
  4. Kristen Ellis
    Kristen Ellis
    Coach/Desk Staff
  5. Scott Batky
    Scott Batky
    Trainer / Desk Staff 15+ years in martial arts MMA and Self-defense Trainer 2 Bronze Medals: CT Grappling Championships
  6. Mitch Zagrodnik
    Mitch Zagrodnik
    Desk Staff
  7. Ben Stone
    Ben Stone
    Coach/Desk Staff BS in Health Promotion Studies Focus: Wellness Management
  8. Rick Wilcox
    Rick Wilcox
    Trainer Powerlifting & Body Sculpting 2018 USAPL National Team 2018 IPD M2 World Champion 4x USAPL Raw Masters Champion